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Bon 2 cord system

Sizing Instructions:

1.1. Find the weight range of your shade.

   2. On the chart find the weight to figure out which system you will need.

   3. Pick the length you need/want.

   4. Find how many cords you have planned for your shade.

   5. Pick the sizes you need.

   6. The length available is  84  

   7. You can put more than one system on a shade based on the cords and               weight.


   8. Brackets to increase the weight limit. Drawing 1 increases weight limit by

        20 - 30%.  Drawing 2 increases weight limit by 30 - 50%

   9. The system is 1.5 inches wide and 6 inches long.  Some of the 3

       cord systems are 9 inches long

3 cord system.jpg
4 cord system.jpg

Bon 3 cord system

Bon 4 cord system

bracket 30-50%.png
Bracket 20-30%.png

Heading 1

Ratio Cord Pulley


June 16 thru 22 the office will be closed

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