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Measuring system

Interior Design Measuring System

Measuring Tools That Make a Great First Impression!

Using our Interior Design Measuring System is the easiest way to set yourself apart from your competition. These forms look professional and are extremely easy to use. Quickly measure windows, doors, showers, beds, tables, cushions, and specialty windows. Simply fill in the blanks to ensure you never forget a measurement again!

When measuring for a new project, there is no room for error. Measuring windows, doors, showers, and beds have never been so fast, easy, and accurate! We’ve created the perfect measuring tool for the interior design industry to save you time and eliminate unnecessary mistakes. Now each of your interior design projects will have accurately recorded measurements so you can quickly reference your projects specifications as you move through the phases of the design project.

Only want one form, we can do that for you.  Would you like your forms customized with your logo and information we can do that for you. 

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