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  • Make your shade according to your preference and weigh it, including the weight bar. The weight will determine which device(s) you use. See notes about weighing the shade at end of instructions.

  • It’s best to use a device or combination of devices that somewhat exceed the weight of your shade.

  • Mount your shade onto the board.

  • Position each device BETWEEN columns of rings. This allows the cords to extend out to the left and right and down through the rings. It doesn’t seem to matter in which direction you place the devices, meaning…which side faces the shade. We suggest you remain consistent on each board.

  • Refer to the diagrams that follow, illustrating where to position devices as they relate to the columns of cords. Be careful not to overtighten the screws into the device. It will prevent the spools from turning.

    • You will be driving the screws through the holes of the outer spools.

  • Bon recommends using pulleys at the top of each column. We have had good luck with LARGE eyelets as well. If the eyelet is too small, it hugs the board and doesn’t all the cord to angle down off the board and away from the device.

  • Using the cord provided with each device, string your shade. At this point you are only using the cord that comes wrapped around the device. You are not pulling any of the cord within the device. Use whatever child-safety method you prefer.

  • Once completed and while the shade is tabled, fold your shade up to the topmost ring. Pull all the excess cord out of the orbs. You are still NOT using any of the cord within the device. There will be a lot of excess cord coming out from the orbs. You can cut this off now or wait until the shade is completed. You can add your weight bar now.

  • Mount your shade for testing purposes (using a valet or whatever stand you have). Level the shade using the orbs.

  • Once the shade is level, only now can you remove the pin that is in the system under the tape. Save the pin so it can be put back in.

  • The shade will not move until the pins are removed. DO NOT try to pull the shade down until the pins are out. We recommend creating a pocket on the underside of the board to store the pin in.

  • Brackets- These brackets are new and you will need to lace them as shown in the drawing.

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