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1. Do I need to use ribs?


Depending on the span between the columns of rings, you may want to use ribs or some other type of support. That decision is based on your preferred fabrication approach, fabrics, weight, budget, etc…


2. Do I need an extra fold?


You may or may not want to add an extra fold to the finished length. The extra fold can sometimes offer a convenient space to grasp the shade when raising/lowering it. You can also use the extra fold as a convenient spot to add more weight, if necessary.


3. What do I hold onto when raising/lowering the shade?


Honestly, it doesn’t require a lot of pressure to operate the shade. You could gently hold onto the weight bar to assist the raising/lowering. There are many creative methods to approach this. You could also use a stiffener in the bottom hem. That can often provide just enough structure.

4. Can I change out a device for another one?

Yes. If, after testing a shade, you decide you need to use a different device (perhaps something that handles more weight), you can replace it with another and save the first one for another time. Raise the shade all the way to the top. Insert the pin back into the device. Unstring shade, remove device and save it.

5. I had an unrelated issue and need to restring the shade. How do I do that without disrupting the lift system?

Raise the shade all the way to the top. Insert the pins back into the devices. Unstring shade and make the changes you need. Then restring your shade as you would have when starting from scratch.

6. Where can I find more information about the Bon System? Please join the Facebook group dedicated to sharing ideas and help with other fabricators. Bon Facebook Group

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