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Helping Designers & Fabricators Save Time

Instructional Systems Offered in Bundled Collections and Instruction Singles

Make money doing what you love! Our instructions and tools will save you hours of time in the workroom. You’ve just found the tools you need to make fabricating easier and you’re sure to reduce workroom frustrations. In fact, we believe so much in our products that if you don’t see drastic reduction of fabrication time, send the products back to us for a full money back guarantee.

Systematize your workroom with our innovative approach! Doing the same thing, the same way, every time guarantees increased productivity and profits! When a treatment has not been fabricated in several months, simply pull the instructional and any details you might have forgotten are at your fingertips. With its simple step-by-step format, the Instructional System is also a great training tool for new employees.

Every instruction includes a finished sketch to provide the workroom with a visual of the item being fabricated. The Instructional System is a set of individual pages that can be stored in a hanging file system or a handy notebook at each work area. This allows a single instruction to be used at the workstation. The Instructional System can be purchased individually or in sets which we call Volumes.

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Instructional system

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