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Work Orders

Easy To Use Work Order Forms

Eliminate communication errors from the design to fabrication process!

Everything about the interior design process revolves around creating something unique for your client. When each interior design project is different, it’s easy to make design mistakes. These mistakes are costly and can easily be eliminated by using an inventive solution created to simplify the interior design process. The Work Order System will help organize your workroom and communicate the details of each project! Doing things the same way, every time, reduces the chance of making a mistake.


Although window and bed treatments can be fabricated in many different ways, the basics remain the same. By using the Work Order System you’ll not only eliminate costly mistakes but you’ll also speed up the fabrication process. Quickly write your work orders by simply filling in the blanks with every detail of the interior design project. This Work Order System has fifteen work order forms, which are all formatted alike. Record fabric cuts, lining colors, type of trim, hardware, installation notes, etc. All work order forms are formatted the same way making it easy to glance at the work order as you fabricate. The calculation boxes located on each form is a great tool to help establish cut widths or cut lengths so that you never forget important figures when calculating. Completed work orders will become a permanent record in your client’s file.

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